EIfI-Tech’s latest Erasmus+ project: VET-TEDD

EIfI-Tech’s latest Erasmus+ project: VET-TEDD

EIfI-Tech’s latest Erasmus+ project: VET-TEDD

VET-TEDD Press Release

14 August 2018

In the effort to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe, the European Union funding programme, Erasmus+, enables exciting opportunities for students to study, work, volunteer and personally develop abroad. As EIfI-Tech aims to broaden the scope of modern education through shortening the gap between technical innovation & entrepreneurs and academia, it is only fitting that the most recently approved EIfI-Tech project—VET-TEDD—operates within this inspiring innovation and education-focused Erasmus+ programme.

The Global Edtech Landscape 3.0 report, published in August 2017 states that ‘’once the sole domain of academics and publishers, learning content is now democratised.  Knowledge is, for the most part, freely available to anyone with internet access. It has also never been easier to create and curate rich, engaging content through digital platforms.’’ Yet nevertheless, there persists wide knowledge gaps and obstacles for both students and teachers within the education system across Europe, particularly in the case of vocational education and training institutions.

Currently, EU vocational education and training (VET) institutions face a range of challenges, including barriers to enhancing the learning experience of students, strengthening continuing education and methodical support for teachers, differentiating teaching methods according to students’ learning needs and adapting young people’s skills to labour market needs. The VET-TEDD project therefore aims to introduce a systematic approach to the continuous professional development of VET delivery staff across the EU by providing a skills pathway and resource library that will increase access to professional learning content and improve VET delivery through the adoption of technological and pedagogical tools that are disrupting VET education. Put simply, digital disruption can be defined as ‘’how technology is transforming industries and how leaders and organisations can respond’’ (McKinsey and Company), and the VET-TEDD project aims to do just that—transform the VET industry by closing gaps and dismantling barriers through digital modernisation and learning.

The Erasmus+ project VET-TEDD brings together seven international partners from six different EU countries, the lead partner being City of Glasgow College (UK). The remaining partners consist of the European Institute of Innovation—Technology (Germany); Solski Center Nova Gorica (Slovenia); Stichting Chr onderwijsgroep Vallei en Gelderland-Midden (Netherlands); TKNIKA (Spain); Spolecnost pro pravni a ekonomicke vzdelavani, z.s. (Czech Republic); and ROC Noorderpoort (Netherlands).


The objectives of the VET-TEDD project are to:

  1. Increase the use of digital technologies in VET delivery within the partner institutions by 25% by February 2021.
  2. Increase the knowledge & skills of 500 VET delivery staff on the use of digital technologies in their curriculum by February 2021.
  3. Increase the accessibility of digital resources for VET delivery staff across the EU by creating an online platform (VET-TEDD.eu) to be accessed by 50 institutions from across the EU.


The outcomes of this project will support the development of measures to bring digital skills and competence to all levels of VET programmes. The VET-TEDD project will develop entrepreneurship education in order to facilitate active citizenship, employability and new business creation. Ultimately, VET-TEDD aims to digitally disrupt VET across the EU in order to have a positive impact on Europe’s productivity, competitiveness and position in global education, subsequently stimulating economic activity.

Chris Ashe, Director of the European Institute for Innovation—Technology, states, ‘’EIfI-Tech is really delighted to be working on this project to empower VET teachers with the necessary tools to allow the workforce of the future be developed. In doing so, it shall have a positive effect on the EUs ability to be competitive in a global setting.’’

For more information on this exciting new Erasmus+ project, stay tuned for the upcoming VET-TEDD project tab on the EIfI-Tech website.





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