The EIfI-Tech is on the right path towards contributing to a climate neutral economy

The EIfI-Tech is on the right path towards contributing to a climate neutral economy

The EIfI-Tech is on the right path towards contributing to a climate neutral economy

29 December 2019

The projects of the European Institute for Innovation – Technology are on track with the long-term goals and actions announced by the European Commission in November.

On the 28th of November 2018, “the Commission presented its strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy by 2050 – A clean Planet for All.” What the EU Commission intends to foster in European society, economy, research and governments, the EIfI-Tech is already working on. The projects established and driven by the EIfI-Tech have plenty of interfaces and have been built around the European climate development plans since their inception.

The Clean Energy for All Europeans package in the long-term will strengthen the ability to develop Europe by enabling citizens, entrepreneurs, the industry, researchers, financials, NGOs and public authorities. Looking at the goals set by the package, the EIfI-Tech sees itself on the right path, but also takes inspiration for future projects and further actions. Especially inspiring to the EIfI-Tech is the focus within the EU strategy that lies in the development of competitive but sustainable and climate neutral economy.

The development of business, innovation and international, symbiotic cooperation is one of the core values of EIfI-Tech work. In this way, the ongoing projects like Clean Mobil Energy (CME) Housing 4.0 Energy (H4.0E) Violet are aiming to reduce the carbon footprint in Europe, either through concrete actions or by creating policy that has impact on the awareness of the European citizens.

The EIfI-Tech network also enables the Institute to gain insight on what is happening on the European markets as well as on the policy level. To increase the energy efficiency, the use of clean and safe mobility and of renewable energy sources has been a goal of EIfI-Tech projects. Aligning the long-term strategy of the European Commission through EIfI-Tech facilitated and game-changing projects is mandatory to lead Europe to the anticipated carbon and climate neutral economy by 2050. The EIfI-Tech project VET-TEDD helps, by providing the European industry on a smart and interconnected base for its further development with a skill set that will allow the EU to be globally competitive.

The European Institute for Innovation – Technology is keen on developing further projects in close cooperation with public authorities, researchers, the market and the citizens of Europe, and the Institute already has some future proposals in the pipeline. The overall aim is to promote creativity in education, science and research, to give equal opportunities and enable innovation and intercultural cooperation in Europe. By taking this approach into the running of ongoing and the development of future projects, the EIfI-Tech is sure to commit to Europe’s long-term strategy and vision of a climate neutral, competitive and innovative society and economy.

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