Live Projects Map

On the map you can see all partners of the running projects of the European Intitute for Innovation – Technology.


The project CleanMobilEnergy will combine various renewable energy sources, storage devices, electric vehicles and controlled energy consumption through one unique smart energy management system. The development of this intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) will increase the economic value of renewable energy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore, one generic transnational iEMS, will be tailor made to the 4 specific City Pilots, namely Arnhem, London, Schwäbisch Gmünd and Nottingham, these pilots range from small size towns to large cities. The 4 City pilots cover different types of renewable energy sources, storage and electric vehicles as well as different contexts and very different city environments. These pilots were chosen to represent a wide range of city sizes and environments, which are essential to develop a widely applicable system for future implementation across Europe.


VIOLET addresses a common challenge among EU regions, home to a building stock of important traditional buildings. These buildings are an asset not only to residents, but also to various industries that sustain European economies, such as cultural tourism and ICT. The challenge is to create a building culture that is sympathetic to modern requirements of reinstatement and conservation for improved energy usage and reduced carbon emissions, without endangering architectural heritage. Without this forward-looking policy change, traditional buildings that are now a valuable asset could become a burden in the near future.

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